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Amadeus is the timeless expression of glamour!
An indescribable atmosphere of luxury and comfort is created by the magic of glittering rose gold combined with luxurious beige lacquer and charming velour.

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About us

founded in 1989

In Style International Group was founded in New York in 1989. We were able to combine a wonderful team of international designers, challenging and ambitious, who create our unique furniture collections.

Today In Style International Group is a highly recognizable brand for unique styles and superior quality.

We are very proud to have our collections represented by top retailers around the world.

Regardless of the complexity of a particular collection, quality and your comfort are always our priorities.

During the production process we focus on all the details.

Visible and not visible, you will notice and enjoy them once you start using our products!

Every drawer is perfectly finished inside, opening mechanism gives luxurious feel when you open or close it - it feels like the door of an expensive car.

All our products is perfectly finished all around – no death or unfinished spaces. We pay special attention even to the smallest details you can imagine.

We believe in our success, because we have worked very hard to build it on an everyday basis for the past quarter of the century!

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